A Note On Drama

Drama is such a funny thing; we love to watch it and read about it in the fiction we consume. We also (collectively) love drama in the supposed factual items we consume (reality TV, the news and so on).

It’s also the cause of a lot of our suffering; especially the drama we cause when we argue with or berate ourselves for some invisible crime of being who we are.

When we let go of our addiction to drama we can begin to find peace in life.

I’m not talking about conflict here. I’m not talking about boundaries. I’m not talking about conforming with the wishes of others to avoid hassle…

We can have conflict without drama. We can have disagreements without drama. We can set our boundaries and courageously have the difficult conversations without drama.

But that’s not what the system wants. The system wants us in a heightened state of anxiety and fear because that makes us easier to control.

Get us afraid, then throw some drama our way and we’ll immediately look for someone to tell us what to do.

Do you see the abuse of power?

By joining in with the drama you are literally handing your life force to someone else to control.

When you refuse to play the game of drama you are invincible.

What drama exists in your life? How will you refuse to play the game? And how will you still make sure that your needs are met while not playing?

Answer those questions and you are a long way towards regaining your personal power.