Acceptance – Loving What Is

Acceptance is, for sure, one of the most misunderstood levels of consciousness.

We often think it means ‘putting up’ with whatever life throws our way… if someone is being mean to us, it means shrinking back and letting it happen… accepting the abuse. If we’re unlucky, we don’t try to do anything about it, just accept out lot.

But it actually means nothing of the sort.

What I have just described is much more aligned with the lower levels of consciousness like apathy and shame.

Acceptance, in it’s “higher consciousness” form is incredibly powerful.

If we’re the kind of person who has a bottle of wine each night to soothe away the day’s stress, then acceptance means firstly accepting ourselves exactly as we are.

We accept that we need the crutch of alcohol. We accept that we are human and these kinds of crutches are very common. We accept and forgive ourselves for however we handle (or mishandle) life’s difficulties.

And then from that place of acceptance we decide if we would like to do something about it.

Whatever our shortcomings and flaws, whatever sits in the dark dusty basement of our psyche, however we believe we ‘suck’ at life… we can choose lower consciousness, we can choose putting our head in the sand, we can choose blindly hoping that things will get better with no input from ourselves…

This is the counter to acceptance: denial. This is when we fight reality. We resist what is. We avoid life; especially the parts of it that we label ‘bad’.

And as we know, fighting or resisting reality just gives energy to the problem.

Or we can choose acceptance.

It doesn’t mean for one moment that we need to carry on our patterns of dysfunction, or that we need to allow others to project their dysfunction on us.

But what we must do, if we are going to grow, is to recognise, accept and forgive the dysfunction.

Then we can begin to heal.

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