All Gone A Bit Mad

If you think the world’s all gone a bit mad you would be right.


The societal, political and economic world, for sure, has gone mad. There may be more about that in future journals.

But there’s a whole world out there that has done nothing of the sort…

Relating to friends. Laughing together. Crying together. That’s fully intact (albeit in a socially distanced or digital format right now).

The sun continues to rise every morning and set in the evening.

The seasons continue to turn, becoming colder and darker and then once again (as now) picking up towards spring and rebirth.

The birds continue to sing. We can still walk in nature and wonder at its mysteries.

The stars continue to shine in the sky; the billions and billions of stars each one as significant, or more so, than our own sun.

The earth continues to swing around the sun, giving us each our free ride through space.

Time continues to tick by.

The universe continues to go about its business, largely oblivious to Covid and Brexit and lockdowns and furlough and climate emergencies and mass extinction and war and suffering.

It’s when we realise just how much a part of that universe we are that our eyes open and our worries begin to fade.

Enjoy the small things.