An Imperfect Run

I’ve been learning Japanese on and off for the last twenty-five years, and during the events of 2020 I thought I’d get back to studying and improving my skills.

I found a piece of software that uses ‘spaced repetition’ to help you learn, well, anything really. (It’s called anki, if you’re interested)

And for my first 100 days I did around ten minutes per day. Religiously.

Actually it was 102 days. And then I accidentally skipped a day.

I’d spent the morning thinking “I’ll do it later”, and spent the evening thinking I’d already done it that morning. You know, the kind of thing that can happen to all of us!

I woke at around 4am the following morning and realised I’d skipped a day.

And here was the lesson…

There’s no going back. Ever.

Whatever regrets we have in life, there is no way to turn back the clock. We can adjust our life here and now, but we can’t change anything that has already passed.

And with that came the greater lesson.

What if I allowed myself to have an imperfect record?

It’s the same when we get our nice new shiny object (phone, car, whatever else), and we love it and protect it and stress over keeping it nice, until one day we drop it or scratch it… and in that moment we have a choice…

We can choose to feel worry, regret or sadness.

Or we can choose to feel freedom – the freedom that comes from the imperfect.

What, in your life, is imperfect? And what freedom does that bring to you?