Anger and Pride

As we get to the home straight of the lower levels of consciousness, today we have a look at anger and pride. Seemingly unrelated emotions, but they are actually linked quite strongly.

And the link is the ego. Our sense of “self”.

You see, the ego loves to be ‘separate’… there is a ‘me’ and there is a ‘them’.

And the ego also loves the idea of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. It’s a real black-and-white thinker with no real room for compromise, compassion, grey areas, acceptance…

And so the ego loves for me to be right. And for you to be wrong. Because that means I am a better person. (And therefore my own insecurity is temporarily alleviated because if I’m better than someone else, I must finally be worth something.)

And so anger is the energy of “you are wrong”. If you have upset me it’s because you are wrong, you are bad, I shouldn’t have to put up with this stupidity and so I will lash out and call you out.

And pride? Well, that’s the counter to anger. Pride says “I am right”. I am clearly doing all the right things and if you’re not smart enough to see that, then I have no time for you.

You see how these both come from the ego? They both come from taking things personally.

And they’re both a false foundation to build our self-worth on.

And so if we would like to transcend both anger and pride, we must stop taking things personally.

When the learner driver pulls out in front of us when we’re late for an appointment, we don’t (as we are prone to do) assume they did it just to spite us. If someone shows up late to meet us we don’t assume they don’t care about our feelings. (Of course, it may be true, but let’s ask them rather than seethe in silence).

And when we improve our own lives, when we find a better way to live that’s more healthy for ourselves or the planet, let’s not take personal credit either… that’s what leads to pride and virtue signalling. Let’s be grateful that we have the opportunities to help ourselves in that way.

Take the ‘self’ out of the equation and both anger and pride dissolve.

But that begs the question… if I take my ‘self’ out of the equation… what’s left? And that’s where we’ll go next with the higher levels of consciousness.