Where do we start with desire?

For starters it’s wonderful for getting us out of any of the lower levels of consciousness; namely shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear.

In fact many self-help gurus will tell us that desire is where it ends… if you just know what you want and visualise it, then you will overcome all of your flaws and lead the happy life you always wanted.

I, myself, was one of those self-help gurus before I transcended through another level or two.

The main problem with desire is that it’s a sneaky trap. It’s not the getting that counts in the end… I’m sure you’ve been there before… you get the shiny new car or the shiny new phone or the amazing new job (or whatever is your ‘thing’) and you believe that now you can finally be happy.

But how long does that happiness last?

Soon your amazing car becomes your daily driver. Before long your amazing phone becomes just another object in your life. And not long after that the dissatisfaction sets in.

The object (or job) you’re looking at still does everything it did on the day you got it… it is still perfectly good, but that’s not good enough any more.

The problem, you see, is that the ego doesn’t delight in getting… it delights in wanting. It consistently sees the perfect future while completely missing the present moment.

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of desire… well, actually there’s nothing wrong with whatever level of consciousness you find yourself at.

As always it’s the awareness of where you are. If you can recognise that the shiny new thing won’t make you happy at last, and you still want it for whatever reason, then go for it.

But it’s also possible to train yourself to want what you already have.

Now there’s a switch-up, right?

Rather than getting what you want, can you bring yourself to want what you’ve got? That’s where the peace begins.

Of course, to the society that’s currently set up in the world—and is rapidly showing its flaws—that’s the worst possible outcome.

If everyone was happy with what they already had, the corporations wouldn’t be able to sell anything. The advertisers and the politicians wouldn’t be able to control and manipulate people through their desire.

They’d be free.

And we can’t have that, can we?

Or can we?