Fear – False Emotions Appearing Real

Today on our journey through the levels of consciousness, we’ll have a look at fear.

It’s usually quite easy to talk about fear, it’s relatable, most people have consciously experienced fear at some point in their life.

But have they dug deeper? There are two critical aspects to fear that we often don’t consider…

Firstly, fear is never about something real.

The ego loves to live in time… it loves to hang on to the past and it loves to project into the future. Fear is essentially something that you don’t want, that your ego believes might, or will, happen in the future. (Just as desire, which we’ll visit tomorrow, is something you do want that lives in the future).

If something bad is happening now, you are not afraid, you are dealing with it. No matter how bad it is.

And if you afraid, the bad thing hasn’t happened yet.

Let’s say you are confronted by a bear. You might say that something bad is, indeed, happening right now. But it isn’t. Plenty of encounters with bears end amicably. If you’re afraid, you’re afraid of what will happen next, not what is happening now.

The second aspect of fear is that we often don’t realise what we’re really afraid of.

Napoleon Hill talked about the ‘Six Ghosts of Fear’. (He called them ghosts for exactly the same reason we discussed in point 1).

The true fears of a human are quite simple:

1. The fear of poverty.
2. The fear of criticism.
3. The fear of ill health.
4. The fear of loss of love.
5. The fear of old age.
6. The fear of death.

Next time you are afraid (if you can bring it into consciousness), spend some time exploring the fear. What are you really afraid of?

Afraid to speak your mind? Is that because you fear criticism or because you fear loss of love? (Or a bit of both).

You see how primal these fears can become.

Let’s say you fear loss of love… “If I speak my mind”, your unconsciousness is saying, “my partner might not like me any more…”

And so you keep quiet to keep the peace.

And a little bit of you dies inside. Another little bit of your soul gets chipped away. You step away from authenticity.

The key to transcending fear is to recognise the six ghosts, and recognise that they are ghosts.

How could you speak your mind and have the conversation, while avoiding drama and preserving the love between you and who you’re speaking to? How can you identify and break the link between your supposed fear and the deep primal fear that’s keeping you trapped?

Learning these skills takes time, but they soon become instinctive if you have the courage to do the work.