Good Enough

For years and years of my life I didn’t feel “good enough”. I understand this is a common feeling.

In fact, when I was talking with an adviser last year about who I help I identified it really as “people who have a deep feeling of not being good enough”, he said “well, that’s seven billion people right there…”

What do we do with this feeling?

We try to counteract it.

We strive to better ourselves. We go on a quest of self-improvement. We work on our mindset and our self-talk.

And we occasionally begin to feel that yes, at last, we are good enough (with the odd dip back down into ‘not good enough’ of course).

But there’s something we’ve missed.

In our work on levels of consciousness, we talked about the lower levels which come from the ego, these are the levels where we are forcing our way through life… and that’s exactly where the energy of ‘trying to be good enough’ comes from.

Once we ascend to the higher levels of consciousness, once we hold our energy there for long enough we realise something profound…

The whole concept of “good enough” is an illusion.

We don’t need to feel “not good enough” OR “good enough”… we just recognise that there is no such thing as “good enough” in the first place.

So instead of striving to be good enough, let’s simply make our job to raise our consciousness. Everything else follows from there.