Levels of Consciousness

I do a lot of work with my clients and students on the levels of consciousness. Whether it’s a “real thing” or simply a very convenient shorthand for an incredibly complex subject is up for debate. It is, however, priceless work to do on oneself.

There are four groups of levels of consciousness…

The first group is “victim mentality” (shame, guilt, apathy, grief). We believe that life happens to us. We believe we are not in control and that somehow life has it in for us; that it’s us vs. them.

The second group is the “egoic” group (fear, desire, anger, price). We believe that life happens by us. It’s still ‘us vs. them’ but we have more power, more control, we’re winning in the competition. These are the levels that most of the population of the developed world are in right now.

Then we step through courage; the courage to let go of the ego, the courage to let go of control, the courage to let go of our competitive nature, the courage to let go of the world of winners and losers…

And we reach the third group of consciousness levels, the “divine consciousness” group (neutrality, acceptance, willingness, reason). We believe that life happens through us. Here we once again we recognise that we don’t really have control over our lives, but we recognise the universal power working through us to bring value, to bring goodness, to allow our best nature to shine.

And finally the fourth group, the “personal power” group (love, joy, peace, enlightenment). We recognise that life happens as us. We sit in our truth and no longer need to force anything to happen. We become whole. We have the best interests of all existence at heart.

There’s no “right or wrong” level to be at. It’s more about recognising where you are in order to make sense of your experience.

And I personally believe that by transcending the levels, we have a better, more content, more compassionate experience of life whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.

Those upper levels, though, they truly require courage – the courage to let go of who we thought we were and allow the universe to take over.

And that’s the journey that I’m on, and inviting you to come along with me.

(If you’d like some help along the journey you can learn about “The Path To Consciousness Programme” here)

It seems counter-intuitive to let go of the egoic power we have fought hard to gain. To let go of our desires, to let go of all the things we thought we wanted.

But when we do, we find that the universe provides everything we ever needed and more.