Older and Wiser

Getting older is inevitable.

Getting wiser, however, is a choice.

Many people shy away from getting wiser because, on the face of it, they get an easier life.

However, I’ve come to the conclusion that wisdom is, indeed, the antidote to old age.

With ageing comes loss – a loss of physical ability and a loss of mental capacity. If we don’t become wise there’s a good chance insecurity will set in.

So here’s my short guide to getting wise:

  1. Be kind. To others, but more importantly to yourself.
  2. Ask questions. Without apology. If there’s something you don’t know, or something that doesn’t add up, or something that seems to contradict your world-view, get curious about it. Ask.
  3. Have the difficult conversations. We so often shy away from the difficult conversations in order to keep the peace, to avoid conflict. It’s that very discomfort and conflict that breeds wisdom.
  4. Be honest. With others, but more importantly with yourself.
  5. Find and live your truth. Don’t worry if that truth doesn’t fit in with society’s expectations, or the sensibilities of those around you. You can either live your truth, or die inside a little bit with every compromise.

None of this has to be rebellious or contrarian or difficult (but it can be if you wish!)

If we just do our best to live with compassion, curiosity, justice, honesty and courage, then we can’t go far wrong.