As we travel through the levels of consciousness we slowly become more in tune with ourselves and the world, and as we get to the top of the levels where life operates “through me” we finally gain a deep understanding of what life means.

We have let go of those judgements that the ego loves—’right/wrong’, ‘good/bad’—and allowed ourselves to recognise the fact we cannot know if something is really for the greater good or not.

We’ve begun to face life willingly, not to shy away and hide our heads in the sand.

We’ve begun to accept ourselves and others, to forgive. To really accept the pure truth of reality that is in front of us that we so seldom wish to acknowledge.

And so we come to reason.

This is the point where emotion and drama no longer drive us. We’re not suppressing the emotion; we’re feeling it in its fullest sense. We’re not fighting the drama, it’s just not necessary in our experience any more.

And so our decisions come, instead, from a place of deep understanding. From pure reason.

There are those who say Buddhists or other mindful people who practice non-attachment are ‘cold’ and ‘heartless’. But nothing could be further from the truth…

They are all heart. And by being all heart they recognise that they no longer need to protect others from their own personal growth. They’re no longer pussyfooting around in the hope of external validation. They’re no longer so insecure that they go along with what they hate just to keep the peace.

They live their lives through reason and truth rather than the dramas and fictions that most people get unconsciously sucked into.

This isn’t a place to go unless you are pretty secure within yourself. You begin to meet resistance from the indoctrinated masses who still very much live in a world of “right and wrong”, “good and bad”, “shoulds and shouldn’ts”.

This use of pure reason also opens you up, paradoxically, to the joys of pure compassion. Not compassion that you’re told to have, not compassion that the popular culture says is important, but pure, deep compassion that comes straight from your own being.

Essentially, those who operate from a level of reason do what is “right” (whatever that means) instead of what is easy, convenient or popular.

They stand for something and their understanding gives them a solid rock foundation to stand on.

The storms come, the wind and waves batter, but the person who stands in their own truth stands like a lighthouse. Strong. Solid. Shining bright.

A beacon in the darkness and fogginess of human experience.