Start Now…

Having spent the summer and autumn running a friend’s company, I now find myself with time to pick up my Daily Journal again.

But it’s so close to Christmas. I could put it off until the 1st of January couldn’t I?

Well, I could. But that’s not how I live my life.

When it’s time to do something I do it.

I remember a few years ago I was in a business networking group and came to the realisation that the group was not for me. Most people, on deciding to leave, would see out their pre-paid membership and then just not renew.

However, I looked at the reality… why would I continue doing something that’s not working for me just because of some pounds and pence I had let go of some nine months earlier?

And it’s the same with the Daily Journal…

Why would I fail to add value to the world for the sake of some arbitrary dates in a calendar?

What are you putting off until New Year? Or until Spring? Or until the timing is “just right”?

Could you start now?