Staying Small

You’ll notice out there in the world that there are a lot of small people.

I don’t mean that to be rude, or mean.

It’s just that some people take the initiative, they face the discomfort, they learn and grow from everything they do. They make mistakes because they know mistakes bring the greatest wisdom.

And then there are those who shy away from growth. They shy away from the truth. They keep things small and safe and supposedly predictable. (Do you think they predicted COVID?)

When we’re one of the growers and we meet the shrinkers it can be uncomfortable. We can find ourselves pulling ourselves back in order to not upset them.

“I can’t get rid of that gift”, we say, “so and so who gave it to me wouldn’t be able to cope with that.”

The problem is that we make ourselves smaller. We make ourselves less. We undo all the work we’ve done thus far in order to protect others from their own personal growth.

Or, if we have courage we realise that we can pull them up with us.

Sure, they’ll experience a little discomfort. Sure, they might have to grow. But that’s how we help people… we don’t compromise our truth for the convenience and comfort of those who want to stay small. No, on the contrary, we live in our truth and pull others up with us when the need arises.