The Path

In a mindfulness course someone once said to me:

“I know there’s a path, I just can’t find it.”

This is the problem. We’re always seeking what’s already there.

(It’s like a fish asking what the ocean is.)

If you want to find the path, look at your feet. It is right there, right now.

Where it leads is another matter. And that’s what takes the work.

But don’t for a minute think there’s some magical path, far off to your left or right, or some fork you could have taken all those miles back and things would be different.

You are on the path that’s under your feet.

Recognise it. Make peace with it. Celebrate it.

And then choose wisely as you go forward.

(Note: I didn’t say think hard about the choices you make. I simply said “choose wisely”)

You are on the path. Keep walking…