The Shift in Consciousness

Before we begin our journey through the higher levels of consciousness tomorrow, something struck me…

Many of the people who received the daily journal are my students and clients who have worked with me on levels on consciousness before. But many are not. So I thought I’d better let you have a little background, and also a chart of consciousness that you can download and save for yourself:

The Chart: [pdf] Levels of Consciousness

These levels were determined by Dr. David Hawkins who has written many books on the subject (a couple of recommendations for starters might be “Transcending the Levels of Consciousness” and “Letting Go“).

It’s worth noting that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ about whatever level we are at. And we will probably inhabit several levels, even over the course of a single day (or even a few minutes).

What we’re interested in is two factors…

Firstly, in any moment what level of consciousness is driving our thoughts and behaviour? And would it be more helpful to come from a different level?

For example, if we are angry with someone, how would it look if we came from a place of love instead? Or acceptance? Or joy? With practice we can choose the level of consciousness that we operate at, once we become aware that we are, indeed, always operating at one level or another.

The second factor is our overall level of consciousness.

Sure, we might dip into shame or guilt occasionally, and have moments of pure love and joy, but we might generally hang around in the ‘desire’ zone. Or if we’re spending more time in guilt and shame and less in love and joy, there’s a chance we might be sitting more around the apathy or fear areas by default.

While there’s no right or wrong, life does seem to get easier and more meaningful for those who do the work to raise their level of consciousness. And even a boost from one level to the next can be truly transformative (as are those fleeting moments we have in the highest levels).

So tomorrow we start to look at the higher levels of consciousness, and the most important thing here is that we step through courage.

In order to transcend the lower levels we really have to become comfortable with discomfort. We have to have the difficult conversations with those we love. And those we hate. And, indeed, the most difficult conversations are the ones we have with ourselves.

If you’re willing to become aware and to step into your courage, I promise that the knowledge you will pick up over the next few days will be life-changing. But only if you do the work. And as mentioned recently, that’s not work I can do for you. But I can be here and walk alongside you as you do it.

Good luck… and as always if you have any questions, hit reply and ask away!