What is Love?

We’ve done it! We’ve traipsed through the swamp of shame, guilt, apathy and grief. We’ve walked through the dark, complicated forest of fear, desire, anger and pride. We’ve even begun our ascent up the slopes of neutrality, willingness, acceptance and reason.

And we’ve finally made it out into the clear air of being.

We’ve finally made it to the levels of consciousness where we show up in the world as ourselves, free of the fear of rejection, free of the desire to fit in and conform just to keep the peace, free of the ego, free of wanting and lack.

And we can finally express what we are on this planet to express… that is love, joy, peace and enlightenment.

But what is love?

There are so many concepts battering us every day that purport to be love, but are nothing of the sort.

We’re not talking about chocolates and valentines romantic love here. We’re not talking about raunchy “count the feet and divide by two” love. We’re not talking about attaching to someone because anything is better than being alone.

We’re talking about a deep down reverence for life. For other people. For nature. And most importantly for yourself and your experience here on earth.

Love is wanting the best for someone no matter who they are and what they’ve done. (Yourself included).

We are compelled by most of the world’s religions to “love our neighbour”, but what if our neighbour is an idiot? A criminal? What if our neighbour oversteps our boundaries?

This is the true test of love.

It doesn’t mean for one minute that we have to put up with unreasonable behaviour or treatment at the hands of others. That’s a weak ‘people-pleasing’ facsimile of love.

True love allows us to communicate and protect our boundaries, while at the same time wishing the very best on the person we’re communicating with.

It’s a recognition of our similarity. The fact that we’re all doing the best we can with what we have. We’re all doing what we think is right (however dysfunctional those thoughts may be at times). None of us really know what we’re doing.

When we recognise that fact, we can finally love; beginning with ourselves.

Most ‘bad behaviour’ in humans is simply an attempt to gain love. The perpetrators don’t realise that the love they crave is within themselves, not ‘out there’.

Love is one of the few resources that doesn’t deplete when we give it away. In fact, the more we give the more we have.

We don’t need to get love from anywhere. We simply give as much as we can and we’ll find we have all we will ever need.

In the words of Dr. David Hawkins:

“Be kind and forgiving with everyone and everything, including yourself, at all times without exception.”

It’s not easy. But if you manage it, the world will transform around you.