Who Are You?

Seems like a simple question, doesn’t it? Who are you?

No. Not your name. That’s not who you are… that’s just a label applied shortly after birth.

No. Not your job or your role in life. That can change.

No. Not your physical description. That has already changed so many times and will continue to change into the future.

Who are you?

No. Not what you want from life. Nor what you’ve done in life. Neither of those define who you are.

No. Not what you think. Or believe. Or feel. (The reason we say “my” thoughts and “my” beliefs and “my” feelings is because they are specifically not who we are.)

Who are you?

As you peel back each layer and attachment and label and realise that’s not who you are at all… well, you begin to question.

Maybe there is no verbal answer. Maybe there is no answer that can be expressed in thought. Maybe who you are transcends everything you thought was real.

Who are you?